Harpster-Canopies.com - Manufacturer and Distributor of High Quality Canopies
Harpster-Canopies.com - Manufacturer and Distributor of High Quality Canopies
Harpster-Canopies.com - Manufacturer and Distributor of High Quality Canopies
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Canopy Questions

How many legs on the canopies?

The 10x10 has 4. The 10x20 has 6. The 18x20 has 6. The 12x30 has 8. The 18x30 has 8. The 18x40 has 10.

Are there any center posts in any of the canopies?


Can you make custom size canopies?

Some we can, yes. We cannot go any wider than 18’ at the “A” portion of the canopy.

Why can’t you go wider than 18’?

We do not have the tubing capabilities, and then the structures becomes less stable.

How tall are the canopies?

You can view this information under the Canopies section of our website.

Do you have a canopy that flaps over?

These canopies are called “Over the Edge,” and we do have them in all sizes EXCEPT 12x30.

Can you purchase sides and ends?

Yes, we have sides and ends available to enclose the entire canopy. You can look under Accessories to see all available sizes.

Which tarp is the coolest?

Silver. Why? Because the silver is made with a black mesh type material then laminated with silver on both sides. The silver does not allow any light to pass through. White and stripe tarps are translucent. This means that light (not actual rays) will pass through. You will get the natural light. Shade netting provides 60% shade and does allow water to pass through.

Do you have any screen type of covering?

All we have is shade netting. This is a mesh type material that WILL allow bugs to travel through. We do not have any screening that will keep bugs out.

Do you have samples you can send me of the color tops?

Yes. You may send us via e-mail your address or you may telephone us at 1-800-730-6579 - M-F 8:00am-6:00pm.

I just purchased one of your 10x20 canopies and I pulled everything apart and I have a 12x20 tarp size. I think that this is wrong.

No, that’s right. You need the 12x20 size because of the peak on the canopy. You need an extra 2 feet of fabric to fit over the top. If the tarp size would have been a 10x20, then you would have a flat roof canopy. So if you ordered a 18x20, your tarp size would be 20x20. If you ordered a 18x30, your tarp size would be 20x30. If you ordered a 12x30, your tarp size would be 15x30. If you ordered a 18x40, your tarp size would be 20x40. If you ordered a 10x10, your tarp size would be 10x12.

Do you sell vinyl?

We are able to custom make vinyl products. You will need to e-mail us your request for the weight, color, size and quantity. We will work up a quote for you and e-mail it back.

Do you have canvas?

No, we don’t carry it and do not have access to purchasing it elsewhere.

What are your tarps made of?

Our tarps are made of woven polyethylene. This is a form of plastic.

What does Denier mean, I saw this on your website?

Denier is another form of weight used at the manufacturing level.

How long will it take me to assemble the canopy?

Depends on the size and the amount of people helping. For one person, a 10x20 and 18x20, it should take approximately 20-30 minutes. 18x30, 12x30 and 18x40 should take approximately 40-50 minutes due to the size. The 10x10 should take approximately 15 minutes.

Can one person assemble the canopies?

Obviously, one person could assemble any of our canopies. However, it is a lot easier with the bigger canopies (18x30 and 18x40) that more than one person help.

How does your canopy assemble, is there a latch system involved?

No. Our tubing assembles by sliding the pipe into the fittings. If you order the heavy duty or standard frame, you will have two (2) pieces of tubing that fits together to make the length portion of the canopy. There are no latches or springs to worry about.

What’s included with the price of the canopy?

You get the entire frame work, the top covering and the ball bungies to attach the top covering to the frame. Tie downs do not come with the canopies. You must purchase those separately.

What do you mean by tie downs?

We refer to tie downs as stakes and our rope locks or heavy duty bungie cords. Some people opt to use their own heavy duty rope and that is fine. The instructions included with the canopies show an example of tying down the canopies. Tie downs are not included with the canopies.

I’m sitting the canopy on concrete, what do you recommend I use for securing it down?

We have the SF6 (leg base plates w/6” sleeve). You bolt these to the concrete and you bolt all the joints on the canopy so no poles slip apart. If you don’t bolt all of the joints on the canopy, it could come apart with the wind and collapse your canopy, resulting in damaged items.

Do the leg base plates (Part #SF6) come predrilled?

No. All you need to do is use a regular drill to drill the holes where you need them.

Can you pre-drill the SF6 (leg base plates w/6” sleeve).

No. Since everyone’s spacing is different, we would not be able to pre-drill.

How much do the canopies weigh?

Canopy Weight
Frame Size Standard Frame Heavy Duty Frame Commerical Frame
10x10 55 lbs. 77 lbs. 147 lbs.
10x20 95 lbs. 129 lbs. 219 lbs.
12x30 147 lbs. 200 lbs. 319 lbs.
18x20 117 lbs. 161 lbs. 256 lbs.
18x30 N/A 229 lbs. 347 lbs.
18x40 N/A 289 lbs. 432 lbs.

Please also note that all canopies come in multiple boxes EXCEPT 10x10 Standard Fame and 10x10 Heavy Duty Frame, which is packaged in one box.

How long will it take to get a canopy to me?

We try to ship within 1-2 business days. Depending where you are located, it could take up to 7 business days to get to you. Custom sizes canopies take at least up to 2 weeks to ship. All orders are shipped from Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.

How do you ship?

We ship our standard and heavy duty models by UPS. Our commercial frame canopies MUST be shipped by Common Carrier Freight (tractor trailer). Shipping charges are calculated by the total weight of the shipment and what state it is being shipped to.

Do your canopy prices include shipping?

No. Shipping is additional. Shipping is calculated by the total weight of the shipment and the destination.

Can you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands?

We can and do. As the shipping might be pricy, we try to find the most cost effective and efficient way to get the shipment to you. We will provide you with options and you can choose which way you would like it shipped.

Why is it so expensive to ship by UPS air?

It’s expensive because of the total weight of the shipment. If you were ordering an 18x30HD for example, the total weight of the shipment would be 227 lbs. When you ship an envelope by air the total weight of the shipment is 1-3 pounds and that’s why the cost is minimal.

Are your canopies fire rated?

No. Our canopies are not fire rated and do NOT come with a certificate stating what the flammability requirement are. Our tarps do meet the Commercial Standard CS-192-53 for the flammability requirements. Our tarps are not sold or intended for the use as a flame retardant article.

Can I return the canopy if I set it up and I don’t like it?

No. Once the package is open, we cannot accept any returns. Please refer to our warranty.

Are your canopies wind rated?

No. We cannot guarantee against any type of weather related incidents. We recommend that each leg of the canopy be secured down.

Do your canopies come with a warranty?

We have a 30-day limited warranty. We will repair or replace any part of the canopy within 30 days of purchase if defective. This limited warranty does not cover damage due to neglect, wind, snow, fire misuse or any act of God, nor does this limited warranty cover damage resulting from the canopy not having been securely fastened down nor from improper installation. Harpster of Philipsburg, Inc. makes no other warranty and the remedy of repair or replacement is the exclusive remedy. Harpster of Philipsburg, Inc. is not liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of the All-Purpose Canopy, including any cost or expense of providing substitute equipment or service during periods of non-use. Any defective canopy or part must be sent (shipping pre-paid) to Harpster of Philipsburg, Inc., Attention Warranty Department, 202 Airport Road, P.O. Box 429, Philipsburg, PA 16866-0429.

Harpster-Canopies.com - Manufacturer and Distributor of High Quality Canopies

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